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Product Name:SACM-1000/1200 Automatic UV Coating Machine (Click to enlarge)

This machine is high-tech of equipment which integrates photoelectricity, mechanics, electrics and pneumatics. Both thick and thin paper is all workable. The whole coating processes are finished automatically with high speed and high efficiency. Paper is conveyed by belt conveyor, and conveying speed is controlled by frequency converter for infinitely variable regulation. PLC air-knife guarantees smooth coating to the paper with over 80g/m² thickness. The machine is composed of 7 units: automatic paper feeding unit, powder cleaning unit, base coating unit, IR drying unit, UV coating unit, UV drying unit and automatic paper collector. The 7 units are independent working station, and the assembly of the 7 units can be changed upon requests.

Configuration & Functions:
1. Automatic paper feeding unit
-- Paper feeder adopts oil-free vacuum pump to suck paper sheets.
-- The position of blowers can be adjusted according to needs.
-- Overlap controller and no paper protector are equipped.

2. Powder cleaning unit
-- This unit is used to clean the residual powder and dust from printing processes.
-- Powder and dust on paper surface can be planished or sticked away when paper goes through the heating roller.
-- After treated by this unit, paper will be more level and smooth to improve coating quality.

3. Base coating unit
-- To do base coating to fill up fine porosity on printed paper.
-- To perfect the adhesive force between UV coating and printing.
-- To decrease the penetration of UV coating to keep paper pure white.
-- To decrease the loss of UV oil

4. I.R drying unit
-- I.R drying devices equipped
-- Hot air circulation system equipped
-- To do drying after water-base coating or solvent coating
-- Mesh Teflon belt conveyor is equipped with air aspirator to guarantee paper conveyed steadily.

5. UV Coating unit
-- UV coating unit is equipped with high sensitivity of PLC air-knife system which guarantees smooth coating to thick and thin paper.
--Micro adjustor equipped to control oil usage and coating quality is convenient for users to adjust upon application needs.

6. UV drying unit
--UV radiation makes UV oil hard and wear-resistant, and paper surface will be much glossier.
-- Fast cooling system equipped to prevent paper curvature
-- Mesh Teflon belt conveyor is equipped with air aspirator to guarantee paper conveyed steadily.

7. Automatic paper collector
-- Low noise of belt conveyer adopts the design of top and bottom pressing track to make paper delivery smooth.
-- Air aspirator is equipped to prevent the curvature of thin paper and makes the paper conveyed stably.
-- Pneumatic patting device tidies up paper stack automatically. And patting frequency is adjustable upon application needs.

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters

Model No.
SACM-1000 SACM-1200
Max Paper Size 950*820mm 1050*820mm
Min Paper Size 340*406mm 340*406mm
Max Coating Width 950mm 1040mm
Paper Thickness 80-500g/m² 80-500g/m²
Max Feeding Speed 5000pcs/hour;
3000pcs/hour (for thin paper)
3000pcs/hour (for thin paper)
Conveying Speed 25-80m/min 25-80m/min
Overall Dimensions 17500*2100*1850mm 17500*2300*1850mm
Weight 8000kg 9000kg
Gross Power 68kw 70kw